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Precision Training Academy

Precision Training Academy

MISSION: To establish the most "PRECISE" youth academy program: promoting successful habits in competition, attitude & wellness.

ABOUT PRECISION TRAINING ACADEMY: The idea behind the title "PRECISION" is exactly that, paying attention to the smallest details. I want all my players to practice as if they were being trained privately: one-on-one training is one of the quickest ways to improve ones skills and touch. Through this approach I can focus on how each kids is responding to the ball and will allow me to see if they practicing the correct techniques every time. This training method also gives each player a greater amount of touches on the ball at each practice. We are also in the process of introducing video to our training session and games. This in turn will allow all our players to see their own movements and techniques from home so that they can be studied and improved with much more accuracy.


ABOUT COACH GERARDO: I began playing soccer at the age of 9-years old. Over the next 10-years I played in recreational soccer, competitive soccer, collegiate soccer and even traveled to Brasil to enhance my skills. When I was 20-years old, I had a serious injury to my left knee that left me on the sidelines. This was a blessing in disguise as if it were not for that injury, my passion for coaching soccer would have never developed. During this time my younger brother Luiggi began playing soccer with a competitive club Named Club Classic. Here is where I met Adrian Gonzalez, one of the greatest coaches and mentors when it comes to developing young kids in soccer. Adrian played professional soccer and holds United States Soccer Federation National 'A' coaching licenses. Assisting Adrian in practices and games I learned so much over those 6-years I spent with him at the soccer fields: the technical and tactical aspect of the game, the importance of being patient while the kids are developing, and most importantly make sure the kids are improving both on and off the field. Combined with my experience and his training, we developed my brother into one of the best players in his era. And that is my mission today, to duplicate this work and properly develop kids into the best soccer players than can become.

COACHING LICENSE: United States Soccer Federation National 'D' coaching licenses: 13-years of Youth coaching experience.

Texas A&M International University (NAIA), Upper Iowa University (NCAA DIVISION 2), TetraBrazil Soccer Academy (Porto Alegre, Brasil).

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