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DYS Playing Rules and Amendments

Dallas Youth Soccer Amendments

DYS plays by North Texas Soccer Rules plus this Amendments-

IF PROVIDE DYS ROSTERS or ID's for Players -

  • All teams are required to have their DYS Rosters or IDs at every game. MUST have a current season Rosters or ID. Any player, who does not have DYS Rosters or ID, will not be allowed to play.
  • A team who does not have their league Rosters or IDs will forfeit the game, BUT will be REQUIRED to play the game, with a modified time limit.
  • Any team/coach who agrees to play the other team without Rosters or IDs, loses all right to protest the game or players from the opposing team.

PROTEST: A team/coach can protest the game/player at any time during the game. The protest is handled by notifying the referee/umpire. The protest cost is $50 and MUST be paid first for the protest to be heard. ONLY when PROTEST fee is paid will the referee/umpire notify the opposing team and league coordinator to hear the protest. If fee is not immediately paid to referee/umpire, gave will resume immediately. If you win the protest, fee will be returned. The league coordinator will make that determination and will be held as final.

Players on your team/roster (revised 7-11-15): Every player must play at least 25% of the game. Violations of this amendment could result in suspension and/or forfeit of game/s.

PLAYERS on multiple teams: A player can play on multiple teams, on different divisions, but not in same age group.

FOULS: A foul is called according to soccer rules when a player is deemed by the soccer referee to use excessive force when challenging for the ball, or when a player contacts the opposing player and not the ball during an attempted tackle. Any player other than the goalkeeper handling the ball will also result in a foul being called. Fouls result in a free kick being awarded to the opposition.

*Fouls inside your own penalty area award the opposition a direct penalty kick on goal.

*U6 and U8 > dribble free-kick

FIELD: Net and flags will be provided. 1st game played for that day, those Coaches must put up nets and flags. Last game played for that day, those Coaches must take down nets and flags.

Home Team will occupy either the South or West side of playing field, except at complexes which are setup for teams/players to be on the opposite side of the field from spectators. The South is toward the street side, West is toward the warehouse.

SCORING: A goal is scored when a ball is legally propelled into the goal and the entire ball crosses the goal line. The team with most goals at the end of the game is declared the winner.

Conflict with jersey colors: Home team must change jersey, or wear pennies.

Offside starting at U-9: To remain onside, you must have two defensive players, including the goalkeeper between you and the goal when the ball is played. If you are called offside by a soccer referee, a free kick will be awarded to the opposition.

Age Group Game Length Ball Size
U-4 2x10 min halves 3
U-5/6 2x15 min halves 3
U-7/8 2x20 min halves 3
U-9/10 2x25 min halves 4
U-12 2x30 min halves 4

U-14 2x30 min halves 4

U-16 2x30 min halves 4

Standings Tiebreakers- The breaking of ties in the final standings, playoffs and finals is accomplished by applying the following criteria, in order of importance:

  1. Head-to-head record based on total points in League games. (A, B)
  2. Goal difference in League games. If number of games is unequal, the Game average (C) will be used.
  3. Goals scored in League games.
  4. Total points within smallest group (D). If number of games is unequal, then point Percentage (E) will be used.
  5. Ranking based on points earned against top four group finishers. This tiebreaker will not be used if four (4) or fewer teams comprise the group. If number of games is unequal, then point percentage applies.
  6. Point percentage outside / smallest division or conference in League games.
  7. Total points in all regular season and Open Cup qualifying games combined. If number of games is unequal, then point percentage applies.
  8. FIFA Fair Play - Team with fewest disciplinary points in League games. (If number of games is unequal, points will be divided by games played to arrive at a common basis for comparison.)
  9. Lottery conducted by USL

PLAYERS: Player must wear the same team color jersey or shirt; also wear shin guards, stockings or socks that entirely cover the shin guards, and soccer cleats. NO METAL CLEATS.

Player Behavior

1. Everyone must follow all directions given by the coaches & assistant coaches.
2. Everyone must hustle & do their best.
3. Be a good sport whether you win or lose.
4. "No cursing or name calling".
5. Disruptive or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

GOALKEEPERS: Goalkeepers must wear colors that distinguish them from the other players and from the referees. Wear a special goalkeeper jersey, a mesh training vest (also called a practice vest or pennies).

Players on the filed
Age Group #Players on field Min on Roster
U-4 4* 8
U-5/6 5 8
U-7/8 7 10
U-9/10 8 12
U-11/12 11 14
U-13/14/16 11 14
*No goalie

END LINE: No Spectators are allowed to stand near or around the end line. The end line is where the field ends near the goals. Yes, family members are spectators, any violation of this is subject to a RED CARD. Please read below for Red Card punishment.

PROFANITY: There is NO profanity allowed, at any time, before, during, or after games, by coaches, players, or parents whether in Spanish or English. Any violation of this is subject to a RED CARD or EJECTIONS.

Sportsmanship, Ejections, & Red Cards
ONE PLUS ONE: A player, coach, or fan ejected from the current game will also be suspended from the next scheduled game. Anyone who is ejected must leave to the parking lot in a timely matter, within 5 minutes, or the team will forfeit the game. That person cannot return to the park for the day, or the next day of schedule games, even if that person is part of multiple teams.
Appeal: Any individual can ask for reinstatement to a current board member, within 24 hours of ejection. The appeal/reinstatement request must be in writing, addressing the situation, and has to state why that individual should be reinstated. The board will respond within 48 hours of receiving the written appeal. The Board, at its discretion, can chose to verbally deny or grant the appeal without explanation.

Parent Behavior
1. "Positive encouragement is good; negative comments are bad."
2. "Cheering is good, but do not yell at your child or anyone else's child during the game. It can be distracting & what you tell them may be different from what the coaches are saying.
3. "Be careful not to say anything that might be taken the wrong way or hurt someone's feelings. Remember: this is for fun & these are children."
4. "Be a good role model & a good sport."
5. "Do not yell at the referees or say anything bad to or about the other team.
6. Never boo the other team or cheer when they make a mistake."
7. Disruptive or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated

Age chart to included Grade Exceptions-Age Based with Grade Exceptions Divisions: For League Play any team who is a NOT a school team, must use May 1 date to determine play. School teams can use the grade exception if ALL players are from the same school, same grade for ALL players on the team.

DYS Age Chart


2018 Soccer Age Chart


For schools only
































Players must be 3 years old to register.

League Policies

Volunteer Background Checks- All volunteer must submit to a back ground check. Volunteer must fill and sign a release document that will be provide during registration. A valid ID, Driver License, Social Security, or a Matricula Consular Number, must be use. Once this has been completed and approved a volunteer league ID's will be issued. NO one besides approved volunteers with id's and players on that team can be in the dugout and/or field.If violations of this policy occurs, team is subject to forfeit of that game, and/or season.

Open Carry- DYAA, DYB, and DYS, will NOT permit any volunteer, fan, or player to open carry during any event, meeting, practice, or games.If violations of this policy occur, team is subject to forfeit of that game, and/or season

Drones- DYAA, DYB, and DYS, will NOT permit any drones to be flown during any event, meeting, games or practices.If violations of this policy occur, team is subject to forfeit of that game, and/or season

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the park, public street, sidewalks and parking adjacent to the park. #20328

Smoking is prohibited in the park.

DYS Returned Check Policy

Dallas Youth Sports Guidelines for Returned Checks

DYS, and its affiliated organizations (DYB, DYS, DSA, DYAA, OCSG, i.e.) :

DYS will accept checks as form of payment from individuals and companies.

DYS will charge a return fee of $25.00 for any and all returned checks, no exceptions.

DYS will also charge an additional $10 fee for any checks returned after registration has ended. Date will be at league's discretion, depending on Fall / Spring/ Summer season and year of play.

To clear a return check, DYS will only accept cash or money order as payment.

DYS will give the issuer of the returned check 7 business days to clear a returned check. DYS has the discretion to notify the issuer, verbally or in writing, of the returned check at which time the 7 days begin. In addition, the coach for the player in question will be notified.

In such cases, if the matter is not resolved within 7 days, DYS will consider the player ineligible to play until such time as the matter is resolved. Should any coach allow the player (at issue) to play, that game(s) will be forfeited.

Should issuer of check failed to resolve the matter, DYS can and will seek criminal prosecution through the office of Dallas District Attorney.