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    Returned Check Policy

    Dallas Youth Sports Guidelines for Returned Checks

    DYS, and its affiliated organizations (DYB, DYS, DSA, DYAA, OCSG, i.e.) :

    DYS will accept checks as form of payment from individuals and companies.

    DYS will charge a return fee of $25.00 for any and all returned checks, no exceptions.

    DYS will also charge an additional $10 fee for any checks returned after registration has ended. Date will be at league's discretion, depending on Fall / Spring/ Summer season and year of play.

    To clear a return check, DYS will only accept cash or money order as payment.

    DYS will give the issuer of the returned check 7 business days to clear a returned check. DYS has the discretion to notify the issuer, verbally or in writing, of the returned check at which time the 7 days begin. In addition, the coach for the player in question will be notified.

    In such cases, if the matter is not resolved within 7 days, DYS will consider the player ineligible to play until such time as the matter is resolved. Should any coach allow the player (at issue) to play, that game(s) will be forfeited.

    Should issuer of check failed to resolve the matter, DYS can and will seek criminal prosecution through the office of Dallas District Attorney.

    League Policies

    Volunteer Background Checks- All volunteer must submit to a back ground check. Volunteer must fill and sign a release document that will be provide during registration. A valid ID, Driver License, Social Security, or a Matricula Consular Number, must be use. Once this has been completed and approved a volunteer league ID's will be issued. NO one besides approved volunteers with id's and players on that team can be in the dugout and/or field. If violations of this policy occurs, team is subject to forfeit of that game, and/or season.

    Open Carry- DYAA, DYB, and DYS, will NOT permit any volunteer, fan, or player to open carry during any event, meeting, practice, or games. If violations of this policy occur, team is subject to forfeit of that game, and/or season

    Drones- DYAA, DYB, and DYS, will NOT permit any drones to be flown during any event, meeting, games or practices. If violations of this policy occur, team is subject to forfeit of that game, and/or season

    Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the park, public street, sidewalks and parking adjacent to the park. #20328

    Smoking is prohibited in the park.