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2020 Rules

Dallas Youth Football (Spring 2020) Playing Rules

7 on 7 League and Tournament Rules

*Mouth Pieces are required during Game Play

A. Field Dimensions
1. Field Length-40yards long
2. End Zone--10 yards deep
B. Starting the Game
1. A central time keeper will be designated. All games will begin and end on this person's instructions. He will also announce the time remaining at the 10, 5, and 2-minute mark.
2. Visitors will have first possession (top team in bracket or first team listed will be the visitor). The home team will have first possession the 2nd half and (bottom team in bracket or 2nd team listed will be the home team).
3. No team will be allowed to participate without shirts.
4. All teams will have at least one jersey (lite/dark jersey, t-shirt, etc.) with player's number on the front or back. The number on the back must be a minimum of 4".
5. All team must have uniforms T-shirts, Under-amour, or basketball type sleeveless shirts, etc.
6. Visitors will always align their team on the right sideline facing the end zone. Home will always align their team on the left sideline facing the end zone.
7. Ball is always placed in the center of the field when at the 40-yard line.
8. Ball Size: Current grade (8U Wilson Pee Wee Size) (10U Wilson TDJ (Junior) Size) (12U thru 14U TDY (Youth) Size).
C. Moving the Ball
1. Field is marked at 20-yard intervals with cones. Possession always begins at the 40-yard line at the center of the field. No penalty will be assessed in excess of the 40-yard line. On an unsuccessful or successful offensive play from the 40-yard line resulting in an offensive penalty: The ball will be returned to the 40-yard line and 1st down will become 2nd down; 2nd down will become 3rd down; and 3rd down will become 4th down and 4th down will result in a turnover.
2. Offenses always move in the same direction
3. All passes must be forward. A pass caught behind the line of scrimmage must be a forward pass.
4. Once a forward pass has been thrown, a backward pass (lateral) is allowed
D. Special Rules
1. No blocking.
2. Receiver/Ball carrier is legally down when touched with one or both hands below the neck. (Excessive force by shoving, pushing, or striking a blow will be penalized by automatic first down and 5 yards. Expulsion of a player(s) if ruled unsportsmanlike & flagrant).
3. Fumbles are dead balls at the spot with the last team retaining possession. A muffed snap is not a fumble/dead ball. The 4.0 second count remains in effect on snaps.
4. Two delay of game penalties in the same possession results in a turnover. A delay of game penalty on the extra point try results in a turnover.
5. The QB is allowed 4.0 seconds to throw the ball. (8U and Under is 5) The Official timekeeper starts a stopwatch on the snap of the ball from center and stops the watch as soon as the QB releases the ball.
1. If release is under 4.0 seconds, the play goes on.
2. If the timekeeper sees that the clock has exceeded 4.0 seconds, he waits until the play is over (the play is not blown dead), then brings the ball back to the original line of scrimmage with loss of down. (The timekeeper will be an official) The only infractions possible when a 4 second count is called are unsportsmanlike acts.
6. Defensive Pass Interference will be 5-yard penalty automatic 1st down.
7. Responsibility to avoid contact is with the defense. There will be NO chucking. Deliberate bumping or grabbing. These actions will result in a "tack on" penalty at the end of the play (5-yard penalty)
8. Offensive pass interference is 5-yard penalty and loss of Down.
9. Interceptions not may be returned and the defense will be awarded 2 points.
10. Offensive team is responsible for retrieving and returning the ball to the previous spot or the new scrimmage spot in a timely fashion. Failure to do so can result in a delay of game penalty.
11. Offensive will have 7 players on the field. (Quarterback, center and 5 eligible receivers)..
12. The offensive center is not an eligible receiver. The center must be a player on the team roster, not a coach.
13. Snapping of the ball by the center can be between the legs, but it is not required. The center simply hold the ball allowing for the QB to simply take the ball when ready to start the play.
14. Offensive team will be responsible for setting or re-positioning the Referee's cone at the line of scrimmage. On change of possession, the team moving to offense will ensure the cone gets to the new scrimmage line.
15. No taunting or "trash talking". (5-yard penalty & expulsion if flagrant).
16. The offense must gain at least 20 yards in the first 4 or less plays or the defense takes over. (There is no kicking).
17. Fighting: the player(s) involved will be ejected from the game and (or) tournament (or) league. If a team fight occurs, the teams involved will be ejected from the tournament (or) league and denied participation in any league play or tournament (Case by Case). The decision will be made by Dallas Youth Sports.
18. There will be 2 Officials per Game. (1) Game Time Keeper and (1) Field Judge.
19. All levels 1 Coach allowed on the field on offense only. No Defense of coaches on the field.
E. Scoring
1. 6 points for TD
2. 1 point for PAT from 5-yard line, 2-point PAT from 10-yard line.
3. Official score is kept by field referee and game manager.
4. Defensive Interception 2 points
5. PAT Defensive Interception is worth the amount the Offense was attempting.
F. Tie Breaker: (Only for Playoffs)
1. After coin flip to determine first possession, teams will alternate 4 down series from the 15-yard line.
2. A winner is determined when one team scores during its possession and the other does not.
3. If a second overtime period is necessary, each team must then go for two points on the conversion attempts.
G. Time
1. 18-minute halves in Tournament (continuous clock for each half--see: "starting the game"). 18-minute halves for League Play
2. No time outs. (Exception: Injuries. Both games on the Field will halt until player(s) can be removed as soon as safety dictates).
3. 3 minute half-time / 3 minutes between games or game time.
4. 7 on 7 tournaments require that all games start/end at the same time.
5. Teams must be on site and ready to play when scheduled. (All players must check-in before to participating in the game. All check-in must be done an hour before your 1st game time played.
6. If a team(s) are late and cannot start when the tournament officially starts, they will begin play with whatever time is left on the tournament or league clock - not to exceed 10 minutes of 1st half. And the team that is prepared to start will be awarded 10 points.
7. Forfeit will occur after 10 minutes of the 1st half.
8. Injury time outs may reduce the amount of time between halves and/or between games to maintain the game schedules. 9. Any team knowing they will forfeit is required to advise Dallas Youth Sports 48 hrs before game time. If not, the team will receive $100 Fine and will not be able to play until fine is paid. Deadline for fine is due Tuesday before the next game week.

2020 Football Age Chart
2020 Spring Football Age Chart
BIRTH MONTH/YEAR 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005
January 6U 6U 8U 8U 10U 10U 12U 12U 14U 14U X
February 6U 6U 8U 8U 10U 10U 12U 12U 14U 14U X
March 6U 6U 8U 8U 10U 10U 12U 12U 14U 14U X
April 6U 6U 8U 8U 10U 10U 12U 12U 14U 14U X
May 6U 6U 8U 8U 10U 10U 12U 12U 14U 14U X
June 6U 6U 8U 8U 10U 10U 12U 12U 14U 14U X
July 6U 6U 8U 8U 10U 10U 12U 12U 14U 14U X
August X 6U 6U 8U 8U 10U 10U 12U 12U 14U 14U
September X 6U 6U 8U 8U 10U 10U 12U 12U 14U 14U
October X 6U 6U 8U 8U 10U 10U 12U 12U 14U 14U
November X 6U 6U 8U 8U 10U 10U 12U 12U 14U 14U
December X 6U 6U 8U 8U 10U 10U 12U 12U 14U 14U